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1830 Quince Tree HouseThe 1830 Quince Tree House was built in the late 1600’s.  No, this isn’t a typo.  When we purchased the Inn in 2007, we were told that it was built in 1830 and the architecture of the main building, Georgian Colonial, fit that time frame.  However, during our renovations in the summer of 2007, we soon discovered that two wings in the back of the house, which we had assumed were built after the 1830 structure, were actually built in the late 17th or early 18th century and were the original structures on the property.  In one of these structures, which now houses the Inn’s kitchen, we found post and beam construction, held together with pegged mortise and tenon joints. During our renovations, we opened up the kitchen and some of this joinery is visible and we would be happy to show you these features.

We are still researching the history of the house but from what we can determine, the 1830 portion of the Inn was built by Robert Tobey.  The Tobey family was one of the early settlers of Sandwich, Thomas Tobey arrived in the 1640s and a few hundred yards south of our Inn is the original Tobey Homestead.  The proximity of the Tobey Homestead suggests that our property may have been in the Tobey family and had been handed down over the generations to Robert Tobey.

In 1914, the property was purchased by Samuel Beale, M.D.  To quote Dr. Beale:

“In 1914, with the help of the Sandwich Cooperative bank, I purchased the Tobey house on the corner of Main and School Street.  Forty-six years I’ve lived here.  Sometimes, I think the old house, the home that has seen me through the years will always be a refuge for those in need of love and comfort.  Forty-six years, now if you do a little figuring, you will find that in 1961, I will be 85.  Yes, I’m proud of it, mostly because I’m still needed, if for no other reason than I can make people laugh.”       

Well, from what we can determine, Dr. Beale was needed for a lot more than his sense of humor.  He was a beloved figure in Sandwich and in the short time that we have owned the property, we have had many people stop by and say that Dr. Beale was their family doctor.  In fact, one of our carpenters during the renovations told us that he talked with his grandmother and told her which house he was working on and she said “now, next time you are there, you tell them that I was Dr. Beale’s first patient!”  As a testament to his importance to the town, a street just East of the Inn was re-named “Beale Street” and there is a commemorative marker noting Dr. Beale.

Samuel Beale
After Dr. Beale’s passing, the property went through a few owners and one owner, converted the property into a guest house called the Colonial House, making this property one on the first Bed and Breakfasts in Sandwich.  In the mid 1980s, the property was extensively renovated by Steve and Kathy Catania and renamed it the Quince Tree House, calling attention to the ancient, yet still producing quince tree in the back yard. The property then passed to the Dan’l Webster Inn, from whom we purchased it in 2007.

Over the past year, the home has undergone extensive renovation and restoration.  During this process, we were very keen on keeping with the history of the house yet still providing the modern comforts that we know our guests would expect.  We think and we hope that the end product will be a testament to the care that we applied during the renovation.

While we are the new owners of this property, together we have over ten years experience in the hospitality industry.  In fact, prior to purchasing this Inn, we owned another Inn in Sandwich so we are very familiar with the Cape and all the local attractions.

So, we would like to present the oldest and the newest Bed & Breakfast in Sandwich,
The 1830 Quince Tree House
“Thank you so much for everything, we had a wonderful weekend!
All the little details were wonderful and your breakfasts were amazing!“
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